Yateengrass is a  professional artificial grass supplier with more than 7 years experience of  grass design and production. In our factory, we use only the highest quality  raw materials for our yarn extrusion, tufting and  coating. With professional machines as Cobble tufting, high quality raw  materials as imported additives and pigments, strict quality control system  from yarn raw materials to container loading, we offer a full range of high  quality sport & landscape grass items. For sport grass, Yateengrass  products have been tested in ball roll, ball rebound, shock absorption, and  other player-surface interaction to ensure consistent durability for the sport  fields and to offer comfortable and safe surface for players. For landscape  grass, with strong R&D, Yateengrass not only makes the grass look and feel  like natural grass, but also makes sure all the items are safe for people’s  health and environment friendly.